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Greg Balkwill is the author of TRAJECTORY, a guide to elevating your sales skills. He is a Certified Sales Professional (CSP) with selling, sales management, coaching, and mentoring experience spanning 40 years, both professionally and personally. He is also a McQuaig Interpreter, a certification providing expertise in assessing temperaments and skill sets, then matching them to ideal selling roles. His years in sales have proven that once your sales skills are well polished, you are equipped to sell anything. He has earned a plethora of sales awards in many different business sectors.

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    TRAJECTORY is a must-read if you are just beginning your selling career. Greg will help you avoid the potholes many will fall into along their sales journey. He speaks directly to, and addresses your pain points. Your trajectory from salesperson to Sales Professional will be dramatically impacted. If you are a seasoned Sales Professional you will find yourself asking “Why didn’t I think of that sooner? I am going to start today to institute these strategies of selling success.”

    Sales Professionals are not born - they are made!